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We offer a variety of drop-in walks in the summer season, and full-length "immersion" walks year-round. We can also create a private walk for you, your family, your group, or your organization!

Joining a public walk not only brings you the mental & physical wellness benefits of time spent mindfully in nature, but also provides a wonderful way to meet like-minded members of the McCall community, and fosters an experience in which we can be heard and also hold space for others.

Nature connection & personal connection, in an easy and inviting framework.

Immersion Walks

Immersion Walks

3-3.5 hours 

$25-40 sliding scale per person

We don't currently have any walks scheduled, but that doesn't mean we can't go out! Folks here in town are always glad to join in on a walk, we can go with a small group of your friends, or we can even go out one-on-one. 

Just drop me a line and we will head for the woods together!

Private bookings

$ variable according to your plans!

Private Walk Bookings

Please contact me if you've any questions about planning your own private walk! 

We can go on any sort of outing, here are some ideas:

↟ One-on-One

↟ Walks with your chosen invitees

↟ Family Walks

↟ Love the Forest Walks with your partner

↟ Walks for your organization or company's retreat

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