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So what exactly is Forest Therapy? It is, in part, a relaxed and mindful way of being in nature, which supports healing and wellness. On your walk, I will guide you through sensory activities and mindful meditations--invitations which will assist you in slowing down, relaxing, reconnecting with nature, awakening your senses, and being present. You will have time and space to experience and connect with the forest, with yourself, and with others. We close the session with a tea ceremony and a tasty bite. We usually cover no more than one mile along a local trail, and so unless a walk's description says otherwise, it is welcoming and adaptable for all. 

Forest Therapy also enjoys a long list of scientifically-backed benefits for our bodies, minds, and psyches. Read on below for stories and research!


Research & Articles


Everyone loves a Top 10 (or 11!) list....here are eleven scientifically-backed reasons to spend more time outside. 


Here you will find an excellent introduction to the science and benefits of Forest Therapy, as well as a collection of research & journalism articles.


A wonderful article from Florence Williams, author of The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative, about her experience with Shinrin-yoku in South Korea's nationally-supported Healing Forests.


An article from WebMD which explores what it is like to be on a Forest Therapy walk, and also presents some of the excellent health benefits.

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How Forests Heal People


How Forests Heal People

The Art & Science of Forest Bathing with Dr Qing Li